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  1. Hevrin Khalaf

    Kurdish politician Hevrin Khalaf was killed, and her body mutilated, in the early days of Turkey's military incursion in northern Syria. A human rights group says her death is an example of war crimes carried out by Turkish-backed Syrian armed groups.


    President Evo Morales led in early returns from the first round of Sunday's presidential election, but he appeared headed to a runoff in the tightest political race of his life.

  3. 1177247472

    Protests and violence in Chile spilled over into a new day Sunday even after the president cancelled a subway fare hike that prompted violent demonstrations.


    Hundreds of pro-independence protesters took to the streets of Barcelona for a seventh successive night on Sunday, with anger over the jailing of Catalan separatist leaders showing little sign of abating.

  5. 1176886411

    Kurdish fighters and civilians have evacuated a besieged Syrian town on Sunday, the first pullback under the U.S.-brokered ceasefire deal, opening the way to a broader withdrawal of the Kurdish-led forces from regions along the Turkish border.